Snoqualmie River by Jared Atkins on Flickr.

All day today I had a weird feeling in my chest. You know when you feel like you’re about to have a panic attack? You get shakey, feel nauseous, your heart races, but can’t pin point why? That’s what I was feeling all day. I went to my mom and was like “I don’t know what it is but I feel like something is going to happen.” I felt scared for some reason because I always assume that any feeling of intuition I have is negative. I got home from work at 10:30 and I had a text from my mom saying “come to pop’s now.” So immediately I start panicking because I think something is wrong with my grandpa and I wasn’t ready for it. When I got to my pop’s house, I said hello to everyone and looked around to see my sister standing behind me! She left for college over a month ago and I haven’t seen her since she left. We are incredibly close and I missed her so much! She surprised everyone and I immediately started crying haha

I should stop assuming that my intuition is always negative because as soon as I saw my sister the panicky feeling went away.

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Emei Shan I by lylevincent on Flickr.

look at the breathtaking view I found on google maps. The Grand Canyon, Phoenix AZ

Wolf at Wolf Sanctuary PA by Sharon Sipple


Anonymous said: Your beauty is stunning; absolutely remarkable. And as beautiful a woman as you are on the outside, you are just as beautiful on the inside. I follow your postings regularly, for your thoughts are most uniquely interesting. Sincerely, the "Counting Your Freckles" guy.

I remember the counting freckles note and you’re too kind really. Thank you thank you thank you

I’ll never get bored of drawing mountains ↟↟↟


urgh. Yes.

omg yes

dose-of-reverie said: Hi! I just want to let you know how much I love your blog and the things you post. I follow you on instagram as well and am obsessed with your drawings. I'm curious about your drawing background/artistic inspirations. Are you self taught or?

Thank you! I went to art school but I’ve been drawing since I was a kid so I like to think I’m some-what self taught. My grandma and I used to paint together, I credit her for a lot of my artistic abilities. As far as inspiration goes, I’m definitely inspired by nature and the human body. I love figure drawing especially